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Guangzhou Meizi Beauty Equipment Factory
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Portable double handle liposonix

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Liposonic apply non-invasive focused ultrasound (HIFU)technology.It is a kind of high strength ultrasonic transform to thermal energy mechanism,The transfer energy can effect on fat cells in subcutaneous,and the heat can create a double tissue reaction.interference thermal cell of subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT),enhance subcutaneous adipose tissue permeability .To stimulate collagen hyperplasia of the subcutaneous tissue layer contraction and proliferation .make the treated skin more compact.

The system transform the electric excitation signal by high frequency oscillatory waves generated by program control into focused ultrasonic.The head fixed position and moving effect on target spot .In order to reach the target as the center ,outward radiation energy,to dissolve fat cosmetic effect.

Focused ultrasonic can only be dissolved the specific depth fat in highly selective ,and DO NOT injury the nearby blood vessels,Nerves and muscles tissue .The a physical thermal damage effect will produce in subcutaneous tissue when the skin received ultrasonic energy .Cause the fat cell and tissue cell membrane breakdown.The damage caused fat decompose directly ,and after a series of dissolved fat metabolism
The system can dissolving fat cells and tighten the skin.

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