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Product Description
Working Therapy

Diamond microdermabrasion is the use of patented micro-diamond tube, with a different thickness of diamond particles inlaid diamond head, by way of friction back and forth, and with vacuum suction control the suction strength, grind off a shallow skin layer , it is a non-invasive, physical shallow grinding.

Technical Parameters

This purely physical, mechanical principle, compared with the acid peels by way of chemical substances to remove the cuticle, it has these advantages :
Gentle and non-irritating to the skin, suitable to very sensitive skin treatment.

By suction intensity and micro-diamond roughness to control the depth of microdermabrasion, not irritating, no wound after operation , but also no pigmentation or skin redness,

The operation will not be scattered particles by residual crystal, whole process treatment is very clean and safe.


1. Regulate skin, improve dark, rough, uneven skin color;
2. Improve relaxation, aging skin, etc.
3.Accelerate the melanin, fade spots, sunburn, age spots and other shallow pigment spots), black rim of the eye
4. Remove the pores, improve rough pore, acne and oily skin
5. Fade acne scars, concave hole

It is not only used to remove scars, fine wrinkles, but also - to remove blackheads acne - belly grain and stretch marks - remove the lacklustre, blocking and the thick skin cutin layer, pigment spots - reduce finches class.

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